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I am Aessa Medium
my mission :
bring to light
what you don’t see.

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life changing

Unlock your potentials !

Learn new essential informations for your life and definitely unlock your blocks, gifts, your real place in the world, your life purpose, how you will realize yourself. Remove serious health risks, step into your real YOU !


Spiritual Healing

Light Passage or Quantum Healing sessions does a deep cleaning of negative energies :
  • Get an instant « energy suckers » detection of people around you. I find the origin inside you of what attract (and magnet) these « energy vampires ». You’ll get also a precised strategy to protect yourself in your everyday life with each of them.
  • Definitive cancellation of « shadow parts of yourself » which blocks you from being plenty yourself in your real potentials and realization in your life.
  • Soul Retrieving (at any moment of your life)
  • Toxic relation break with the past (ex-boyfriend, etc..)
  • Black magic cleaning from source / Cancellation of the shadow part of yourself which allows that external attack / Send-back-to-sender in case of real premedited attack
  • Soul Passage for souls of dead ones of your family who didnt pass to Light 
  • Important messages channeling of deads of your family.
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After 20 years in companies world (bank, digital, media, insurance, industries), I choose to practice my gift of medium in innovative sessions adapted to today’s people life. I transform into Light anything that is shadow and help you see what is hidden : invisible opportunities, subconscious blocks, potentials for your realization, truth about people around you, etc…   
I also do consulting sessions especially for companies of any size around human ressources, marketing and communication strategy and organization to help you explore all business opportunities. I also warn you with vital threats, invisible to your eyes today.
PS : My medium services will never replace a medical advice nor a professional accountant  😀 !
Aessa / Aicha Mahjoubi


Queer Friendly

If you are LGBTQ, I commit to respect you. 
My sessions are for everyone whatever your choices, your experiences and projects.

Quantum Healing Health Scan

Trained to many quantum tools, I make cellular memory decoding through your energetic bodies, unprogramming and reinformation. Quantum tools are the deepest and most efficient tools I ever experienced in my healing path. I’m very happy to help you with them !

19 Keys for
Women of power

Are you a Woman of power ? Tap into all the qualities and ressources in you to set your power in the outer world. Leader profiles, qualities, purposes, get a much accurated knowledge of your potentials to exercice your great role of leader. In spiritual and religion positions, politics, companies, media and entertainement world, women of power always existed. I  channeled 19 keys to source the Woman of power in you.

Professionnal & financial success scan

You have questions about your professional future :
– What directions can I take ?
– By which ways ? By who ? With which skills ?
– Build my own business or jumping into another job in another company ?
– Will I get progression opportunities where I am ? Etc…

My sessions will never replace a medical advice or treatment, nor a professionnal expertise.
Please read my terms of use


By appointment at Paris (France) or remotely by phone / fb messenger
Email : 
Tel : +33761110528


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