Aicha Mahjoubi

I am witch of lineage
my mission :
bringing to light
any shadows.

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White Magic

As a witch & medium I have abilities to :
  • White Magic Works on persons (cancellation of black magic)
  • White Magic Works on places (cancellation of black magic)
  • Send-back-to-sender in case of premedited black magic attack
  • Soul Passage for souls of dead ones of your family who didn’t pass to Light yet
  • Important messages channeling of deads of your family.
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After 20 years in companies world (bank, digital, media, insurance, industries), I choose to practice my gift of medium and my witch role. I transform into Light anything that is shadow and help you see what is hidden : invisible opportunities, subconscious blocks, potentials for your realization, truth about people around you, keys for your health, keys to source and hold your power etc…   

PS : My witch services will never replace a medical advice
Aicha Mahjoubi


Medium Expertises

As a medium through many years of my lifetime learning, I have many innovative expertises :

Toxic persons Detection :

  • Access to anyone’s subconscious and shadow (what’s a person, a coworker, your boyfriend hides to you, sexual shadow, dangerous tendancies, etc…)
  • Instant identification of destroying pulsions profiles for safety prevention (instant detection with a picture or name+first name, long lists are accepted, direct answer by phone or email)

Social Engineering and power :

  • Expertise in Social Engineering
    Social engineering is a group of tools that help getting a precise result by many vusible as invisible drivers. My sessions can bring you keys to map you strategy through many power organes to target your goals.  My tools are an inestimable help for all your power strategies : politics (adhesion capital for candidates, prior target groups key messages, mirroring etc..), business management (organigramme check-up, reliability of your ressources, real skills they have or not,…), communication (best medias to use, targets, contents, etc..). This is also useful for any professional or personnal relation (management case by case , masks you need to use, messages that activate adhesion, anticipation, etc..). Spiritual powers can contact me if they wish to evoluate their power structure in today’s society.

Professionnal & financial success scan

You have questions about your professional future :
– What directions can I take ?
– By which ways ? By who ? With which skills ?
– Build my own business or jumping into another job in another company ?
– Will I get progression opportunities where I am ? Etc…

My sessions will never replace a medical advice or treatment.
Please read my terms of use


By appointment at Paris (France) or remotely by phone / fb messenger
Email : 
Tel/Txt : +33761110528


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Twitter : @aicha