SEE the truth
about your relations

Protect Yourself from narcissists. Definitely

As a medium I help you to : detect them and their specific working. I help you to manage them and set your limits to ANY narcissist, borderline disorder, sociopaths.


A complete 360° method  to manage these "energy vampires" 

After surviving many toxic relationships with closed ones, friends, couple and coworkers, I designed specific mediumnic tools to detect, counter, manage EACH relation with a personalized strategy. You will get damnly precious informations to never again remain the target  of these destroying persons that cause serious and deep damages.
See them now and avoid suffering. Realize who they are and protect yourself.

Book a session and get these informations :

Instant Detection

I just need the complete name or a picture, nothing else !

how this person works

with type,  role, relations circle target, toxic index

attitudes to absolutely avoid not to be in their target of attacks

your natural attitudes, words : what you must not show, case by case

Attitudes to play to remain in their « secure » zone

with precise masks, words that make them secure in order EACH case

Limits to set

How to set limits in order each profile exact disorders and circumstances.

What attract them to you, their « beloved » target

Complete list of all the qualities  the narcissist wants to "absorb" from you

their weak points

you can use them, if you need to defend yourself in case of attack, intimidations or threat

Ressources in you that attract the narcissist

Exact list of all identified material or human ressources that the narcissist is interested in for his personal benefits.

Defense Strategy

If you deal with an extreme toxic person, in case of future attack, what strategy is to build from now, in case of ? 

Exit strategy

What's the best solution :  make the person leave by itself or leave the situation ? Precisions in order your case

How does it work ?

Prepare a list of names of all people around you. You can even tell that list live by phone / fb messenger, you don't need to send me anything before. During the session you will say each name, and then I tell you instantly the most dangerous ones, the right strategy and other case by case informations you need to protect yourself.

Dare to see the truth and never suffer again with any narcissists

My medium sessions can literally change your life : make the right choices, live in peace at your jobplace, protect yourself from your relatives or so called friends that absorb your ressources, cheat on you, suck your life energy, lie to serve their own interests, destroy your health, etc...  Choose happiness. Definitely. 
Save time, money, health and energy by avoiding them.
Throw toxic people away from your life !