19 keys for Women of power


Women have their legitimate place at the center of politics, religion, company and media world.
This progress is inevitable for evolution of humanity.

Root the fundations of the woman of power in you
wherever you work !

In these 5 videos I reveal these essential keys :
Types of Women of power, Body structure, Security, Mandatory choices, Personal life, Career advancement strategy... (soon subtitled in English)

52% of women of whole humanity are wired for a power position against 8% for men... But... reality is totally different with males occupying 80% of power position in all domains : politics, business, media, entertainement and religion. What stops women, apart the "glass ceiling" everyone report for years and which is never removed ?


Aicha Mahjoubi 44, born in Paris (France), after technologies and social sciences studies, she works in digital positions for 20 years in big companies (SFR, BNP Paribas, Renault) then as a digital, communication, marketing and design consultant. She's also the older sister of Mounir Mahjoubi, La République En Marche (French President Macron's party) candidate for Paris Council (and ex-digital Secretary State).
She works as a professional medium since 2017. She launched "3.0 mediumship" sessions, remotely as at Paris, with innovating tools adapted to today's people needs. The "19 Keys for Women of power" is her last innovation in Life Changing channeled informations to help women of all ages embody the "Woman of power" in their everyday life wherever they belong : religion, politics, business and  medias. Contact : rdv@askamedium.fr

Knowing you were born as a Woman of power is essential for any of you for embodying your power your whole life. Each woman must source INSIDE of HERSELF the source of her power. Here are all the keys you can find during my sessions designed for Women of power :

Essential keys
inner security, ressources, purpose, consistency, health, wealth, progression, maximum goal.

  • What type of Woman of power are you ?

    There are 4. In each type, there is a particular ressource that you must tap into, spread and hold whatever your position or work domain.

  • The 5 ressources capitals.

    To exercize power. And among the 5, you need at least 3 of them.

  • Self accomplishment

    You must know what you came for in this life. This information helps to avoid mental and physical health risks, if you act of course. It brings also happiness.

  • Body structure & Repair Profiles

    Beyond appearances, gesture, voice tone, words… Your body speaks and spreads signals about your inner structure. Almost all women have their body structure destroyed after 8 years old. After school education, patriarchy system, men of your family then work space… Some woman had the chance to rebuild themselves. If the body structure is defaulting, it recalls in question your capacity to embody security for gaining your public adhesion. There are 2 profiles of repair I can immeditately see during the sessions.

  • Health Scan for serious diseases prevention

    A Woman of power must prevent any health trouble risks, especially serious diseases. The health scan detect if you hold in your energetic bodies « sprouts » of cancer, autoimmune illness, dementia, alzheimer, etc… When they didn’t reach your physical body yet, you can act to STOP it definitely. This will happen by a targeted emotional healing I will tell you or other important actions to take for your realization. Your physician remains your health referent.

  • Exercice & Food

    For your physical and mental health, sport is just essential, also for your longevity in the best state. Which sport will suit you best ? What are the necessary changes to your diet ? Which specialists will help you best ?

  • Sexuality

    There is a very important detail to consider to source your power.

  • Life Energy

    Essential for your joy of life, being dynamic and enthusiastic will definitely help to gain attention and other’s adhesion.

  • Maternity

    All women are not « wired » to become a mother. You must be as clearest as possible with your desire for a child. Damages are numbrous when you force yourself to have children.

  • Decompression hobbies

    Essential for your mental and moral balance. Not to be confused with compensation or escape.

  • "energy vampires" detection and management

    These persons suck your life energy, that’s why it’s very important to detect and leave them (if possible) for protecting yourself. I can give you a behavioural strategy to manage them for avoiding to be their target attacks. As they are sociopath, « destroying » others is their only way to survive… Life’s too short to be bothered in your personal or professional life. I will help you protecting yourself and choosing healthy relations.

  • Career advancement Strategy

    Which networks to mobilize ? Training to do ? positions, company, jobs that suits you ? You’ll get also advices for your resume. and so on.

  • business return Detection

    Profitability detection for all your projects. Why waste time when you can go directly to the right direction ?

  • business Decision help - strategie

    communication – HR – organization. For a guaranteed gain of time, money and energy, at least less wasting for sure !

  • Till where can i go, as a Woman of power?

    I can tell you the highest position you can reach, far beyond the « experts advice » coming from persons that dont want you to evoluate at higher level jobs, whatever your sector.

Facultative keys

  • 3 other keys about private life

    If the couple and friendship relations are important for you, I can provide keys to unblock some situation in your close relationships.

  • 4 keys factors for all your projects

    4 factors to succeed for each of your importants projects. In order your needs.

Which primary keys would you need ? 

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